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The Saint John Region

Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome Bienvenue to The Chamber

Dear members,

This year we celebrate the Saint John Region Chamberís 200th anniversary. It is a testament to the vision and fortitude of our founders - a tradition that we aspire to uphold continues.

This was a year focused on numerous lobbying initiatives. Working with our colleagues in the other provincial chambers and business associations, we successfully lobbied all political parties in the provincial election and brought member issues to the forefront to help shape the outcomes.

This year our members face a number of challenges. We have seen numerous taxes and increased business input costs layered upon one another. The result is that there is no more room for business to absorb these costs. The chamber has provided insight into these issues and took a position to protect business interests, but margins are already tight, and we have yet to see the full effect of the carbon tax .

Business has survived in our region for over 200 years, and we continue to pay governmentís bills as we always have.  But business is not an unlimited trough and we cannot continue to be viewed as such. Moving forward we will continue to advocate for change. We will advocate for municipal reform and an overall taxation review. And we need to continue to look for new opportunities to support our locally owned businesses allowing them to expand and hire more people.

Our chamber is fiscally strong. This is because of the extraordinary support of our members and the business community. I am grateful for the trust you have put in us and look forward to continuing to represent your interests.


David Duplisea, CEO

The Chamber

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