Voice Your Concerns for WorkSafeNB Rate Increases

This initiative is proudly led by New Brunswick's Chambers of Commerce, The Coalition of NB Employers and regional business associations.

Letter Template:

Dear Premier Gallant, Minister Arseneault and Local MLA,


As a New Brunswick business, I add my voice to the growing concern surrounding unsustainable increases in WorkSafeNB employer premiums. Business has been hit with an average increase of 33 per cent for 2017 and WorkSafeNB officials have warned of another substantial increase in 2018.


With recent increases to HST and minimum wage along with unfounded dramatic increases to property tax assessments, looming carbon pricing & new statutory holiday, and now a seemingly out-of-control workers’ compensation system, New Brunswick is becoming a business-unfriendly jurisdiction, precisely at a time when our economy requires the opposite.


Failure to address WorkSafeNB costs could lead to:

●      a loss in profits / taxable income to my business

●      reduced hours for my employees

●      changing hiring plans

●      cancelling planned employee pay raises

●      increased prices for my consumers

●      less money to reinvest so my business can grow


As a business that contributes tax revenue to support public services, and as someone who wants to continue to employ New Brunswickers and grow my company, I urge you to act without delay or the impact of inaction will become more painful for the business community.

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